FAINT shadows cross the shifting spears of light,
          Pale gold and amethyst, or warmly white,
          Till velvet shod, unseen, the wizard hours
          Hold thus their elfin court amid the flowers,
          That wake to wingŠd music of the night.
          And silken signs scarce stir the amorous bowers
          Where 'passioned sleep his poppy garland showers,
          In dreams which mock the hastening moments flight.

          Up soars the moon, and higher still and higher
          The dancers leap to catch some fairy fire
          to steal and 'prison in the glow-worm's tail,
          For pixie torches should the starlight fail;
          Reflecting gems which deck the elfin choir,
          Melting like snowflakes at the daybreak pale.
                                             ETHEL ARCHER.