{Illustration opposite page 199 described:

"The Interpreter." (script lettering at base, credited at lower right "Carl
Hentschel Ph. Lc.")

   This is a monochrome color tinted photo of a female violinist.  She stands
on a white draped block, the background is white, except for the floor which
seems to be wooden and is interrupted by the block.  She is garbed in a black
robe, rose-cross on chest, hood turned back and over hair with eye-in-triangle
seen only as three or four points of the glory.  Her head is turned in profile
to the right until the shoulders and torso --- 3/4 profile.  All five toes of
her right foot are bare and to be seen jutting out of the robe directly toward
the front.  She cradles the violin between chin and left shoulder, left
fingers holding a chord on the frets and back of left hand toward the viewer
and to the side.  She holds the bow vertically and tilted away over the
strings slightly toward the back.  Her right hand lightly grasps the end of
the bow about waist high.}

                               THE INTERPRETER

MOTHER of Light, and the Gods!   Mother of Music, awake!
Silence and speech are at odds; Heaven and Hell are at
By the Rose and the Cross I conjure; I constrain by the
       Snake and the Sword;
I am he that is sworn to endure --- Bring us the word of the

By the brood of the Bysses of Brightening, whose God was
       my sire;
By the Lord of the Flame and Lightning, the King of
       the Spirits of Fire;
By the Lord of the Waves and the Waters, the King of the
       Hosts of the Sea,
The fairest of all of whose daughters was mother to me;

By the Lord of the Winds and the Breezes, the king of the
       Spirits of Air,
In whose bosom the infinite ease is that cradled me there;
By the Lord of the Fields and the Mountains, the King of
       the Spirits of Earth
That nurtured my life at his fountains from the hour of my
By the Wand and the Cup I conjure; by the Dagger and
       Disk I constrain;
I am he that is sworn to endure; make thy music again!
I am Lord of the Star and the Seal; I am Lord of the Snake
       and the Sword;
Reveal us the riddle, reveal!  Bring us the word of the Lord!

As the flame of the sun, as the roar of the sea, as the storm
       of the air,
As the quake of the earth --- let it soar for a boon, for a bane,
       for a snare,
For a lure, for a light, for a kiss, for a rod, for a scourge, for
       a sword ---
Bring us thy burden of bliss --- Bring us the word of the